Empowerment Speaker, Consultant, Author

Caris L. Reed is an expert in Psychology Transformation taking her audiences to higher levels of momentum in their thought-processes reinforcing positive mindset-shifts. She does this through the power of having an actionable vision plan for their lives.  Caris adds value in addition to her talks with her consulting  program “METAMORPHOSIS OF DESTINY”  She brings the energy in the room  delivering positive steps in her presentations with take away actionable results.As a Women’s  Empowerment Speaker she reminds her audiences to be bold, and fearless walking in the power and authority given to them.  Her consulting programs  has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX



Resource Based Empowerment

This Informative and Educational based program is designed to organize your thoughts and develop the specialized skill set known as resource “ALLOCATION ” In this session you will learn to tap into the exhaustible supply of data that controls the success or failures to the end of your end progress. Never again suffer from lack of knowledge or standing around looking for the answer, or stay stuck like a stick in the mud because you don’t know. STAND-UP, STAND-UP, and break out after this life changing presentation. Full program at presentation

Confidence Based Empowerment

75% of population suffer with self-esteem, inadequacy, feelings of worthlessness, helplessness, and broken confidence. This insightful and awareness based program is designed to give you back the power and authority you have on the inside. You will regain power over your self-worth and confidence to proclaim boldly that which you set out to accomplish in your life. Re-discover that you were not created to remain silent, ashamed, or hidden but rather this program will inspire you to share your voice, strength, and stature like that of a “BOLD” Lion. Get ready to ROAR YOUR WORTH and stand tall against all odds after this life-changing presentation. Full program at presentation

Faith Based Empowerment

This heart-felt informative faith-based program will shift and redirect your mindset to a “MOUNTAIN MOVEING” belief system. No longer will you allow the fear of failure to overtake your thought process and paralyze you in taking the necessary action to fulfill your dreams of walking towards your destiny. You will take back the emotions that have held you captive and reclaim the power of your faith. Take control of the toxic negative thoughts that bombard your mind. Discover how to broaden the horizon beyond average thinking to obtain higher level of success in life. Reaffirm your commitment to a more positive life and trust that your faith in you will be strengthen beyond immeasurable “RESULTS”. Full program at presentation

Destiny Based Empowerment

Did you know your Destiny drives your Purpose? This time sensitive and action-based program, is designed for you to discover that your destiny is meant to happen for you. Learn the difference between making a date with destiny while helping others to achieve theirs as well. No longer do you have to be in the discovery stages of life trying to figure out your “PURPOSE” or how to fulfill it. Follow the blueprint in this program as we show you how to “UNFOLD” Dream , fulfill purpose, and walk into your Destiny. ” Your Destiny is Waiting For You”! Full program at presentation


“Because of your power and love for me, you have made me victorious over fear. I have the thoughts of a firm foundation, and nothing or no one can invade me with fear. I’m made in your perfect love and stand in the light of your freedom and salvation.” –Caris L. Reed