Here is what Event Coordinators, Clients, and Professionals has to say about their experience working with Caris L. Reed:

Che Brown-CEO The Happy Entrepreneur Show and The Close Conference says,” Caris spoke with great value  she “wowed” the audience with her transparency and gave awesome information on “Resource Allocation”. We look forward to her POWER talk next time around”

Dr. Ronald Hopkin-President of San Jacinto Student Diversity Department says, ” Caris gave a very inspiring presentation to our ladies of Women of Integrity many who attended attested to being inspired and empowered”.

Shawanda Berry CEO and Founder of Women’s Empowerment Meet and Greet says, “I was honored to have Amazing Caris Reed be a Speaker for my Women’s Empowerment Event. I choose her not only because she was an Author but, I felt she can impact a lot of women with her journey. And she did just that as the ladies left the event inspired and empowered to move forward in life, I was so glad we met and have even asked that she return for my next year Women’s Empowerment Event”.

Minister Lynetta Founder of I’m FREE Women’s Conference  and former Client. says, ” Coach Caris have been an inspiration to me and have inspired me to do things that I was fearful to do. Since coaching, and working with you I have moved in areas of my life I never thought would come and I have been challenged  to learn new things. Caris you are a woman of meekness, loving, gentle, patient, and genuinely sent by the Heavenly Father. I love and thank you for everything we will always be far past coach and coachee but a lasting relationship”. 

Livi Anderson-CPLCT and Social Media Influencer of 150,000 followers says, ” Coach Caris was a absolutely priceless source of wisdom in helping me to launch my first physical book. She walked me through each step 1-on-1  and got me through the CreateSpace confusion. I’m grateful for her help in making this happen”.

Jeff Kirkpatrick Professional Management Four Seasons Hotel says, Caris you have continually driven excellence on a consistent basis and have been a standout performance in every aspect of our business. Thank you for your strong efforts to enhance service to our guest”

Caris has been  interviewed by KAZI F.M. Radio Austin TX, GOOD DEEDS Radio with Dr. Rene Sunday, Kingdoms  Influencers Blog Talk, Global Nexus TV,  Making Headline News,  featured as the January 2020 Cover and interviewed by Authentically You Magazine and  Voyager Dallas Magazine.